Affordable training when and where you want it!

State of the Art Shooting Simulator

State of the art firearms safety and tactical de-escalation training brought to you at an affordable price!  Call to schedule your training today.  

MILO Simulator

Now law enforcement agencies, security professionals, and the general public can have this amazing training tool brought to them.  No system to purchase, no staff to hire, no maintenance, just a flat rate for a training program tailored to your specific needs.  

Our expanding library of scenarios includes basic marksmanship programs, shooting skill builders, non-lethal encounters, active shooter scenarios, and much more suitable for highly trained professionals, those just starting out, and everyone in between.  We also have programs that can provide a unique team building activity for corporate and private gatherings alike.  

We will tailor our visit based upon your criteria and schedule.  Our scenarios test verbal skills, use of non-lethal tactics, awareness in various lighting and weather conditions, and deadly force decision-making.  

This is a professional training system and our instructors are career law enforcement.  Our lead instructor and owner is a California POST and California DOJ certified instructor.  

We look forward to creating a unique training experience for you!

Realistic training scenarios for all audiences.